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I haven’t been keeping track very well of the days of fotud (which I intended to participate in but life is hard) but here’s a song that always reminded me of Larten Crepsley.

The title sounds like it’s going to be a song about how great love is, but actually I hear it as if it’s a song about someone who doesn’t want to be loved, maybe someone who is tired of love or has been hurt by it before. In SLC it seems like everything he loves or everything that dares to love him dies. He doesn’t feel that he is deserving of love from Gavner because he killed his parents, and always seems to feel like he isn’t deserving of respect or love from anyone because of things he did in the past. Love is all, from what I’ve heard, but my heart’s learned to kill.

He walks upon the river like it’s easier than land always feels to me like it’s describing someone who is a different breed from everyone else - partly because he’s a vampire, and partly because he doesn’t want to be loved like everyone else does.

He has evil in his pocket, and he isn’t deserving of love and doesn’t want it - all it ever does is cause him pain.

feels all round, I’m emotional


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Anonymous:  There's actually a surprisingly small amount of CDFxHP crossover stories, but there's this one called Vicious Bloodsuckers and Where to Find Them that's probably worth a look at

guys take a look at those fics! thanks anon




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OR maybe we are used to the blog being busy and we don’t even notice reblogging 10+ posts at once bc it’s not a big deal anymore

but yeah it feels like there are no posts this year

I know I’m guilty. I specifically tried to keep this week clear, but stuff has kept popping up. I had so much art and fic planned… 


I had a lot of things planned too…. It’s so easy to say you’re going to do something, but actually doing it is another. Last summer I had nothing but free time. But now it’s so hard to come by. I’m lucky I’m able to work steadily at a decent job but it takes a huge toll on the festival and i feel terrible about it.

But that being said, it’s not up to us to generate all the material that goes on this blog. If we don’t have many posts to reblog and share, that’s not our fault. Many more of us are working now, or busy with new fandoms. Sucks for fotud, but that’s life.


I hit post limit at 4:30 pm yesterday and fell asleep before midnight oops I was gonna post the notes for my pr au