/stumbles through the window 10 years late with Starbucks/

Seba is short for Sebastian.

debbie--hemlock:  It's fine I know the guys trolling

good :)


Dear festivaloftheundead,
My mom is going to read the series. Any words of advice for her? (other than keep a box of tissues onhand for the last half of the series)

Drop the book and slowly walk away. Don’t let it ruin her life.

No jk that’s really awesome she’s giving it a try! Umm don’t give her any hints as to shocking turns of events (like with Kurda and Steve). haha I think you should be like “nothing is as it seems” and leave it at that. Then see how she reacts to all the plot twists! Periodically ask her if she had any plot predictions. And keep us updated of course. Put it in our askbox though, we don’t check the tag as often as we should. I only happened to come across this on my dash just now :p


debbie--hemlock:  So I'm having a fight with someone online that's infamous for making posts like "insert user name here should die" and I'm like snickering because if they do it to me I have the perfect snark because of my URL

oh my god idk even what to say to this

that would work out really well buuuut i don’t want anyone telling you to die bc i would have a problem with that o.0


Anonymous:  Cowboy Stripper Arrow...

nenna-nee:  Guys... can I ask you for help to something? Um... Ya see... I wanna make a photoset of Mr. Crepsley... actually characters from the sagas in general but he's on most covers... so um... can you guys give me some good quotes about him and/or said by him?

My favourite is his best known one… “Even in death may I be triumphant!”

here’s some more (i just googled best larten crepsley quotes)

Everybody feel free to chime in :)


/falls through the ceiling 3 hours late with starbucks/

vampire mountain harlem shake


debbie--hemlock:  I wanted to join flight rising but I didn't know what a username I wanted so I decided to be ass and make it Crepsleydies

Ha. that reminds me of that one lisence plate SNPKLSDMBLDR (snape kills dumbledore) or whatever

nobody-claimed-this-url:  Hi admins. I'm still doing my Kurdster Stripper AU fics but I kinda got busy over time. I will post it soon. Also heads up for AA: Arrow does the Cowboy Stripper thing in the strip club.
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debbie--hemlock:  Mr tiny and Delores umbridge is the best shipping pass it on

omg i always thought so too! amen sista.

(i remember one time i posted this JOKINGLY [because how is it anything but a joke] and someone reblogged it and was like “this is irrelevant nonsense” and some bitchy rant about why she thought it was a bad ship, and i facedesked for 47 years)




So I just watched Frozen for the first time and let me tell you. 

I knew Hans was a bad guy all along because he was channeling some serious book 8 Steve. 

As if I would fall for that again.


Haha I still fall for that all the time. Not only the type. Not only Hans in another story. I believe Steve every damn time I reread *.* I believe him again and again and always will ♥ - AC





72. The Little Person that joined Darren, Crepsley and Harkat on the trip to Vampire Mountain was actually Wester Flack in a past life.


HE. DID. NOT. LOSE. IT!! :’( ( and people call me satan :(( )